Delft Games

Delft Games is a young and innovative game company. We create text-based browser-based games with a focus on realism. On this page you will find a list of our games.

Rocking Soccer - free online soccer manager game

Rocking Soccer

Become the new manager of one of our football clubs. Prepare your players for league, cup and maybe even international matches while earning money and expanding your club's facilities. There are many different strategies you can take on your journey to become a famous manager in the Rocking Soccer world.

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Rocking Rackets - free online tennis manager game

Rocking Rackets

Rocking Rackets is an innovative online tennis manager game. As a player you manage a number of tennis players, training them and signing them in for tournaments of levels ranging from junior tournaments to grand slams. Follow the matches live as they are being played. Strong tennis players eventually age, making it relatively easy for new players to enter the competition.

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The Last Knights - MMORTS

The Last Knights

You are the commander of your own band of soldiers, but you are nothing without the other officers in your country. You have to work together with real players in order to capture cities of other countries until you and your allies are the only ones standing.

The game relies greatly on communication between players. There is no storyline but to survive the players are forced to make one within the boundaries of the rules of the game. You can play by training and improving your own soldiers or by being a leader among the officers in your country or even coordinate attacks between your and an allied country.

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For King And Country - MMORTS

For King And Country

An exciting massive multiplayer strategy game. Whether you choose to enlist in the army and be a part of massive invasion armies or enlist in the navy and guard the coasts and seas in ships ranging from Schooners and Cutters to Frigates and Ships of the Line, you will be part of the success or failure of your country. If you do well in the political line of the game, you might even become the Emperor. If you country survives long enough to elect one that is.

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